What is the religion of Sikkim?

Sikkim is characterized by religious diversity, and the major religions practiced in the state include:

  1. Hinduism: Hinduism is followed by a significant portion of the population in Sikkim. Many Hindus in the state worship in traditional ways, and Hindu festivals are celebrated with enthusiasm.
  2. Buddhism: Buddhism has a strong presence in Sikkim, and a considerable number of people in the state follow Tibetan Buddhism. Numerous monasteries, stupas, and prayer flags are scattered across Sikkim, reflecting the influence of Buddhism on the culture and landscape.
  3. Other Religions: There are also smaller communities practicing other religions in Sikkim, including Christianity and indigenous faiths.

The coexistence of various religions adds to the cultural richness and diversity of Sikkim. The state promotes religious tolerance, and different communities often participate in each other’s festivals and cultural events.

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