How can one obtain a permit for Lachung?

To visit Lachung, a picturesque town in North Sikkim, Indian tourists need to obtain a Protected Area Permit (PAP) because Lachung is located in a restricted area. Here’s how you can get the permit:

  1. Apply through a Registered Tour Operator:
    • The easiest way for Indian tourists to obtain a permit for Lachung is to go through a registered tour operator. Most travel agencies that organize trips to Sikkim can assist you in obtaining the necessary permits.
  2. Contact the Sikkim Tourism Office:
    • You can also directly contact the Sikkim Tourism Office for information on the permit and the application process. They can guide you on the current requirements and procedures.
  3. Online Permit Application:
    • Some permits can be applied for online through the Sikkim Inner Line Permit (ILP) official website. However, availability and the process may change, so it’s essential to check the current guidelines.
  4. Offline Application at Sikkim Tourism Office:
    • If you’re already in Gangtok, you can visit the Sikkim Tourism Office and apply for the permit in person. The office is usually open on weekdays during working hours.
  5. Documents Required:
    • Generally, you will need to submit a few documents such as a valid ID proof (like an Aadhar card or passport), passport-sized photographs, and a filled application form.
  6. Permit Fee:
    • There may be a nominal fee for the permit. The fee can vary, so it’s advisable to check the current rates.

It’s crucial to verify the current requirements and procedures from official sources or your tour operator before planning your visit to Lachung. Additionally, the permit for Lachung is often issued in conjunction with a tour package, and the tour operator usually takes care of the permit process on behalf of the tourists.

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