Menmecho Lake

Menmecho Lake, Sikkim

Menmecho Lake, Sikkim. Photo Credit @ musings_of_life_vlogs

In the northeastern state of Sikkim, tucked between the rugged Himalayan terrains, lay numerous glacial lakes of ethereal beauty. Among them, Menmecho Lake, often overlooked in favor of the more famous Tsomgo Lake, stands out as an epitome of tranquility and scenic grandeur. Veiled in legends and surrounded by forests, it offers a serene and captivating experience to those who venture here.

Discovering Menmecho

Menmecho Lake, located in East Sikkim, lies at an elevation of 12,500 feet. It is positioned en route to the Jelep La Pass, a historic trade route between India and Tibet. The lake, fed by the waters from the surrounding mountains and the meandering Lungchok Chu, captivates with its ever-changing colors, mirroring the hues of the sky and seasons. Owing to its higher altitude, the lake is often shrouded in fog, giving it a mystical aura that’s hard to forget.

A Haven for Anglers

Known for its abundant trout population, Menmecho Lake is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. The lake’s icy waters are home to both brown and rainbow trout, making it one of the prime angling destinations in Sikkim. The fishing season typically runs from March to May and again from October to November. A fishing farm and hatchery located nearby supply the fish for breeding in the lake. Angling in the tranquil ambiance of the lake, with the majestic Himalayas as the backdrop, is a surreal experience.

Flora and Fauna

Surrounded by lush green forests, Menmecho Lake offers an opportunity to explore the rich biodiversity of the Eastern Himalayas. The thick forests mostly made up of rhododendron and juniper trees, are home to several species of Himalayan wildlife. Birdwatchers would particularly enjoy spotting some exotic bird species in the region. The blooming rhododendrons during springtime paint a riot of colors around the lake, making it even more picturesque.

The Folklore

Menmecho Lake is not just a natural wonder but also a reservoir of intriguing local folklore. According to local belief, the lake is the dwelling of a water spirit. It is said that the colors of the lake change with the spirit’s moods, adding an intriguing layer to its allure. Visitors often find themselves entranced not just by the lake’s beauty but also by the captivating stories told by locals.

Nearby Attractions

Despite its somewhat isolated location, Menmecho Lake serves as a good base for visiting other nearby attractions. A drive along the winding mountain roads takes you to Tsomgo Lake, another beautiful high-altitude lake of Sikkim, and the Nathu La Pass, a historic trade route between India and Tibet.


The journey to Menmecho Lake might be a bit challenging due to its high-altitude location and the rough terrain leading to it, but the rewards are absolutely worth it. The pristine beauty, tranquility, and mysticism surrounding the lake provide a refreshing retreat from bustling city life. If you are an adventure seeker, a nature lover, or someone in pursuit of peace, Menmecho Lake, the mystic beauty of Sikkim, awaits you with its fascinating allure.

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