Which is the first capital of Sikkim?

The first capital of Sikkim was Yuksom. Yuksom, located in the West Sikkim district, holds historical significance as the place where the first Chogyal (monarch) of Sikkim was consecrated in 1642. The event marked the establishment of the Namgyal dynasty in Sikkim.

The consecration ceremony took place at Norbugang Chorten in Yuksom, and the first Chogyal was Phuntsog Namgyal. The term “Chogyal” translates to “religious king” or “dharma king.”

Yuksom continues to be a place of cultural and historical importance in Sikkim, and it is often visited by tourists interested in exploring the region’s heritage. The Coronation Throne and Norbugang Chorten are among the historical sites that reflect the early history of Sikkim in Yuksom.

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