Does Sikkim have snowfall?

Yes, Sikkim experiences snowfall in certain areas, particularly in the higher altitudes. The state of Sikkim is located in the Himalayan mountain range, and its elevation ranges from near sea level to over 8,000 meters, making it a diverse and beautiful destination for those seeking scenic views and a variety of climates.

Snowfall is common in the higher altitudes of Sikkim, such as in areas around the Nathula Pass and the Yumthang Valley. These areas receive heavy snowfall during the winter months, making them popular destinations for skiing and snowboarding.

In the lower altitudes, Sikkim has a subtropical climate, with warm temperatures and abundant rainfall. The monsoon season in Sikkim typically lasts from June to September, and the state receives heavy rainfall during this time.

In conclusion, whether you are looking for snow or tropical weather, Sikkim has something to offer for visitors, and its diverse landscapes and climates make it a popular destination for travelers from around the world.

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