Does and Don’ts while visiting Sikkim?

Here are some of the dos and don’ts to keep in mind while visiting Sikkim:


  1. Respect the local culture: Sikkim is a culturally rich state, and visitors should respect the local customs and traditions. This includes removing shoes before entering temples and homes, avoiding public displays of affection, and dressing appropriately for religious sites.
  2. Respect the environment: Sikkim is known for its stunning natural beauty, and visitors should take care to respect the environment while exploring the state. This includes not littering, avoiding activities that can harm the environment, and respecting wildlife.
  3. Respect the local people: Sikkim is home to a friendly and welcoming local population, and visitors should take care to respect the local people. This includes avoiding loud and disruptive behavior, and respecting local customs and traditions.
  4. Bring warm clothing: Sikkim experiences a range of temperatures, and visitors should be prepared for both warm and cold weather. Warm clothing, especially for the higher elevations, is a must, especially during the winter months.
  5. Be prepared for mountain roads: The roads in Sikkim can be steep and winding, and visitors should be prepared for the drive and take care while driving or traveling on these roads.


  1. Don’t litter: Littering is a major issue in Sikkim, and visitors should take care not to litter while exploring the state.
  2. Don’t disturb wildlife: Sikkim is home to a diverse range of wildlife, and visitors should take care not to disturb the animals while exploring the state.
  3. Don’t take anything from nature: Visitors should take care not to take anything from nature, such as plants, rocks, or other natural objects.
  4. Don’t consume alcohol in public: The consumption of alcohol in public places is prohibited in Sikkim, and visitors should take care not to drink in public.
  5. Don’t engage in illegal activities: Visitors should avoid engaging in illegal activities, such as drug use, while visiting Sikkim.

In conclusion, by following these dos and don’ts, visitors to Sikkim can ensure a safe and respectful trip to this stunning and culturally rich state.

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